Car Battery Replacement Warning Signs You Must Know

Due to the fact that the car battery is responsible for running so many accessories on your car, the more you are driving, the more you risk wearing out the battery. The best thing that you can do is become familiar with all the warning signs that your car battery is becoming weak so you are not stranded on the side of the road at the worst possible time.

Our service center has been helping our customers by informing them of the top warning signs that the car battery is in need of servicing. These battery warning sides include:

  • Battery corrosion on one or both terminals.
  • Slow cranking engine in the morning.
  • Headlights dim after car has been running.
  • Strange smell coming from car battery.
  • Battery indicator light stays lit.
If you experience any of these warning signs in your vehicle, drive over today so one of our service technicians can inspect the battery.
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