Why A Brake Inspection?

Your brakes need to be inspected on a regular basis. Over time, your brakes wear down, since they are made of moving parts and pressurized fluids. The hoses need inspection and tightening, the brake pads need adjustment, and other details emerge during an inspection.

The importance of a brake inspection is obvious. Brakes stop your car from damaging other vehicles and your own vehicle. They are the most important thing about your vehicle. Without them, you wouldn't have a vehicle.

Your new car came with a warranty, and a maintenance schedule. If you do not abide by this schedule, you are in danger of invalidating your vehicle's warranty. You have a schedule by which you can go to have your brakes inspected and adjusted.

Always have an authorized technician inspect your brakes. Never allow an unauthorized person to inspect, adjust, or repair or replace your brakes. This could be dangerous and will likely invalidate your warranty. Ask your dealer for a factory authorized technician to inspect and adjust your brakes.
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