Consider These Tips When Driving with Your Pet

Have you recently received a job promotion and been transferred to a different city than the one you are living in? Do you have a pet that you can’t afford to leave or sell? We Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM have vehicles that are worth a lifetime, especially with your pet.

Just like us, pets love being comfortable when traveling. Therefore, if your pet has never traveled before, ensure you prepare them by traveling with them short distances as you lengthen every single time. With time, they will get used to it such that when doing long distance, they will have got used. Feeding is also another important aspect when traveling. Ensure you feed the pet before you leave. This increases the chances of the pet being in a relaxed mood rather. If you are traveling for long, ensure you take breaks for the dog to stretch and feed as well as take water.

If you're in need of more advice before traveling with your pets, stop in and learn more from our staff at 1510 Belair Road today!

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