As rent prices soar and the cost of living continues to inflate, more and more people near Bel Air, MD are considering alternative living options to best accommodate their active lifestyle. Whether you're a self-employed remote worker or a retiree, living on the road is a simple way of living that's becoming more popular and comfortable with the introduction of the new Ram ProMaster® van.

Designed to facilitate your needs no matter what you do, it's no surprise that drivers in the greater Baltimore area are deciding to live a minimalist lifestyle by living in their converted van. Ideal for a van life conversion, the new Ram ProMaster® boasts upwards of 460 cubic-feet of space that can be renovated to support your daily life with everything that'd you normally have in a small one-bedroom apartment for less than half the cost.

Offering drivers from Townson with the opportunity to maximize your space and manage your expenses, converting a Ram ProMaster® into a living space is all the craze these days. Especially if you're an avid outdoors person who enjoys spending time on the road and camping in the woods, converting your van may be the missing piece of the puzzle for you to fully immerse yourself into what it is you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

Whether you're a mountain runner, biker, rock climber, freelance photographer, or nature enthusiast who revels in the open air of the great outdoors, converting your Ram ProMaster® into a living space could very well be the difference-maker for you to live happily and free. From Parkville to Elkton, choose to adventure in a new way this upcoming fall behind the wheel of your Ram ProMaster® van as you discover what it is you're passionate about in a unique way.

To learn more about the Ram ProMaster® and for more specific details regarding van life conversion, we encourage you to contact us or visit us in person at our Jones Junction dealership in Bel Air, MD today!

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